Protein Checklist – Protein shakes and supplement reviews

Choosing the correct protein shake or supplement is an essential part of any muscle building / defining training program. With so many products on the market it can be difficult to assess which one is the best for your training and appearance objectives. Want to know how much fat, carbs and sugars are in your protein supplements? Or want to know how easy a particular brand of shake will be on your digestive system? You’ve come to the right place.

Here at Protein Checklist we aim to provide information about protein, explained in a scientific manner without overusing jargon. The importance of protein and nutrition should not be underestimated, as all leading experts and bodybuilders agree protein is the number one factor in developing muscle, even ahead of weight lifting! Given this importance, it is essential you find the right protein product to supplement your workouts.

Recommended premium protein shakes

Logo Product Brand Protein Other Price per serving Price Review Buy
1  isopure_min Isopure Zero Carb Natures Best 40,3g Zero Carbs, Zero fat £4,24 £139,99 Read review Buy now
2 arnold iron whey_min Arnold Schwarzenegger Iron Whey Musclepharm 34g Great value £1,54 £69,99 Read review Buy now
3 hydro builder_min Platinum Hydro Builder Optimum Nutrition 35g Includes 5g of Creatine £1,82 £72,99 Read review Buy now
4 bsn syntha_min Syntha-6 BSN 22g Premium protein £2,14 £59,99 Read review Buy now
5 whey gold standard_min Gold Standard 100% Whey Optimum Nutrition 24g Low suger & fat. Just 116 calories! £1,45 £99,99 Read review Buy now
6 Amplified_min AMP Extreme 60 Ripped GNC Pro Performance 20g Powerful Metabolism Activators £2,00 £89,99 Read review Buy now

As part of our protein checklist, we also compare prices to help you find the cheapest protein online. We have also broken down the cost per serving, to make it easier to compare the true costs of different protein brands. The cost of protein shakes and supplements featured on this site are significantly cheaper than if you buy them in your local store or gym.

There are a number of factors to consider when choosing a protein shake or supplement. Most people make the mistake of opting for the product with the highest protein content, but this can often be a mistake. The reason being is that usually the higher the protein content, the harder it is to digest. Many cheaper brands often have high protein content, but are difficult to digest and lead to bloating. This makes it almost impossible to consume more than one shake per day, which is far from ideal in developing muscle as your body needs constant protein intake throughout the day (and sometimes at night in extreme body building!).

Furthermore, cheaper brands are often packed full of ingredients that are detrimental to achieving a lean muscular physique. It is important to ensure your protein supplements are low in fat, sugar and carbs. Our reviews consider all these factors and ingredients when determining which are the best products and brands on the market.

Understanding all these factors will help you make an informed decision about which protein supplements to use, and help you achieve the lean muscular physique that you’ve always dreamed of.

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