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With the right lend of high intensity weight training, and an extreme diet, it is possible for men to increase muscle mass, definition, and lose fat to give a ripped appearance in as little as 6 weeks. It will be difficult, and will require a huge amount of discipline when it comes to dieting. The training will push you beyond your limits, but it is the same tried and trusted methods used by celebrity trainers to get Hollywood actors into shape for action based roles in a short amount of time.

Training guide to get ripped fast

When it comes to training, the key is to shock your muscles into growth to increase muscle mass. This needs to be combined with high intensity interval training (HIIT) targeting the same muscle groups. This training regime should be completed at five days a week, ensuring you have two rest days, as rest days are where your body grows and repairs itself, getting bigger and stronger. The training should consist of:

  • Chest, triceps and shoulders
  • Legs
  • Back and biceps
  • Rest day
  • Legs
  • Upper body
  • Rest day

The two days of legs training per week is crucial. Many men make the mistake of ignoring their legs, or not training them hard enough. As the biggest muscle group, they play two important roles in getting ripped. Firstly, training them burns the most calories, which will help with fat loss, and therefore increasing muscle definition, across the whole body, and not just the legs. Secondly, training the legs releases the most testosterone, which is key for building muscle, and ensuring a high amount of testosterone in your system will lead to bigger and stronger muscles.

The individual training sessions should focus on supersets of 3 exercises. First up should be a high heavy set of weights for 3-6 reps. If we take the chest training session for example, start with bench press at 90% of your 1 rep max (1RM). As soon as you finish, (no rest) you should jump into your next exercise, something that still trains the rest, but using your bodyweight, e.g. press ups. You should do this until failure. Then without any rest, jump straight into the third exercise, a cardio based exercise such as burpees or frog jumps. Do this until failure, and then rest for 2 minutes and repeat. The aim is to gradually decrease your rest time in between sets as you improve your fitness, as this will increase fat burning. By 6 weeks you should be aiming for one minutes rest.
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Nutrition plan to build muscle and lose fat quickly

Nutrition is also key to getting ripped in 6 weeks, and unless you eat clean during this program you will not achieve your results. ANY cheating at all will result in failure. It will be tough, but it is the only way to get the desired results in such a short space of time.
You should be looking to consume 5 meals a day, and at least 400 grams of protein. This should come from lean meats such as chicken, beef, white fish, eggs and turkey. Each meal should be served with steamed green vegetables. These vegetables will provide a small amount of carbs. The rest of your carbs should come from rolled oats at breakfast time, which will give you enough energy to complete the gruelling workouts. To reach the 400 grams of protein per day you will probably need to have between 2-3 protein shakes. These should be diet protein shakes without any added sugar. It is vital you eliminate all sugar from your diet as part of this nutrition plan, including from milk, fruit, energy drinks and any other hidden sources. Find out more about how Protein helps build muscle.

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