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Weight loss protein shakes are used by many people as a tool in order to lose weight. Most people want to eat healthily but lack the time required to prepare healthy meals all of the time. Protein shakes provide a healthy and convenient solution to this problem.

Protein shakes are effective in assisting weight loss in a number of different ways. Protein is very slow digesting, meaning that it keeps you full for longer. Therefore you will feel less hungry after having a protein shake, compared to a normal snack. A high protein diet also reduces your appetite by suppressing the hormone ghrelin, which normally signals the feeling of hunger to your brain. Protein also has the highest thermic effect of the main nutrients. This means that more calories are burnt digesting proteins than the other nutrients. All these advantages of protein help you to consume fewer calories during the day, enabling you to lose weight.

Protein shakes can be used in two main ways to help you reduce your body weight: as a meal replacement or as a snack alternative between meals. What protein shake to take when you are dieting depends on which method you are using. When using a protein shake as a meal buy a brand that is specifically a meal replacement shake. This type of shake has a balance of fats and carbohydrates as well as added vitamins. These shakes therefore replicate the nutrition of a normal meal, however they have between 250-350 calories per serving meaning they are often lower in calories. When choosing a protein shake to use as a snack you have much more choice. Find a flavour that you like, however bear in mind that protein shakes have different proportions of protein, carbohydrates and fat. Fat has the highest calorie content per gram, followed by carbohydrates then protein. So when using protein shakes as an alternative to snacks, try and find a shake with minimal amounts of fats and carbohydrates. This ensures that the shake is low in calories while still having the useful benefits of being high in protein.

In order to lose weight while using protein shakes it is key to ensure that you also have a balanced diet. When dieting your body will still require essential micro nutrients that can be found in fruit and vegetables, therefore it is important not to replace too many of your meals with shakes. However using protein shakes once daily is an extremely effective method to assist in weight loss.

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